An Autumn Sunday

     An Autumn Sunday Begins with visits by beloved family and friends The exodus of items no longer wanted A barren house laden with memories waiting for new ones. In the distance, a tractor hums its harvest tune, And the calls of Sandhill Cranes remind me of where I am in space and time,         A…Continue Reading

Burn District: the Series

  I’m so excited! My new novel, Burn District: Yuma, will be released on November 30th. It’s available for preorder now from Amazon here.  As an introduction to the novel, I’m offering the Short Story on Amazon!                   !!!You may borrow Burn District FREE !!! Burn District: the Short Story, click here. Burn…Continue Reading

Wined, Dined and Read Blog Hop!

I’m so pleased to be invited by author Uvi Poznansky, author of Apart from Love, A Favorite Son, A Peek at Bathsheba and other great books to participate in Wined, Dined and Read Blog Hop, which offers the notion that nothing goes better with a delicious meal and a fabulous wine than a good read.…Continue Reading

Perfect for Him

Cover reveal for a new book, release date Spring 2015. Briefly, the story is about a young woman who has breast cancer and the unselfish gift she gives her husband… graphic sex. I love the cover art and decided to risk misleading readers. You know I like family drama!Continue Reading

A Grief Revisited

Three years ago August 16th, my mother died. I’ll never forget how guilty I felt; if I’d let her stay home, the ER doctor, a first year resident, wouldn’t have overloaded her already fragile heart with three thousand cc’s of saline in an hour. I questioned him, but it was too late, she was lapsing…Continue Reading

Musing About Writing

Joan Donaldson and I met at a book signing in Saugatuck several years ago and since then, knowing her has made me want to be a better writer. Joan is the author of Wedded to the Land: Stories From a Simple Life on an Organic Fruit Farm, On Viney’s Mountain, The Secret of the Red…Continue Reading