Excerpt from Pam’s Adventures in Babylon

Excerpt from Pam’s Adventures in Babylon



Here’s a taste of what’s to come in Pam’s Adventures in Babylon. Don’t forget, Gladys and Ed’s Big Adventure is a prequel to #14.

The beach was the best place to spend the first day of summer. After their sandwich lunch, perfectly made by Pam, Lisa herded her boys outside to play. Water still too cold to swim, one tiptoe in the surf sent both boys screaming with delight onto the dune, calling for their grandmother.

“Granny, it’s too cold!” Marcus yelled.

The commotion on the sand got the attention of Ted Dale, home early from his day in the city. Pulling a folding chair around to Pam’s stretch of beach, he asked to join in the fun.

“I’ll even bring the wine,” he said. “It’s happy hour somewhere.”

“Oh no, did you really say that?” Lisa moaned. “I can’t drink because I have to drive home.”

“I’ll call a car for you,” Ted said.

“No, I can’t drink. My children are wild creatures. They have to be watched every second,” Lisa said, getting up to run on the beach with her boys.

Pam looked around for a missing person, frowning. “Where’s Jeanie?”

“She’s at the warehouse  [Ashton’s business in Manhattan] with Deborah,” he said. “It was your idea. Why don’t you know about this?”

“I haven’t had a chance to check my messages yet,” she said, digging in her pocket for her phone. “Yep, here it is, a text from Jeanie. So you thought it was a good idea, huh? It’ll give her something to sink her teeth into.”

“I liked having her here, meeting my every need,” Ted said, pouting.

“Well, I can tell you from experience, the thrill of taking care of you would not have lasted long. Jeanie is too young to sit around, picking up after a man.”
“Ha! I assure you, she wouldn’t have stooped,” Ted said. “I’m trying really hard to not allow the way I conducted myself in other affairs to influence our relationship.”

“Ted, who hasn’t made mistakes?” Pam asked, reaching out for his hand. “The most critical of us are those who dread contemplating their pasts.”

“Wow, that’s profound,” Ted replied, stunned. “Who said that?”

“Why, I did!”

“You did! Pam of Babylon.”

“I’m deep, where my friends are concerned, that is.”

Laughing, they hugged each other, laughter until tears streamed down their faces.

“I’ve really missed you, Pam,” Ted admitted. “I felt as though you and I were becoming steadfast friends when Jeff made his faux pas about…”

“Don’t even go there,” Pam insisted. “Jeff is dead. Ashton is dead. Their secrets died with them. It’s up to us to keep moving forward, not looking back.”


That’s all for now! I’m almost to twenty thousand words! A quarter of the way! Have a wonderful day.



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